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As Waitaki District Health Services continues its Community Health Forum sessions, the next one is planned for April 1st 2020. More details to follow.....




Adapted from au.reachout.com  https://au.reachout.com/articles/coping-with-the-stress-of-christmas


Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, but the ‘season of goodwill’ can easily slip into ill-will and a ton of stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and on edge, or if you’re spending Christmas away from home, there are things you can do to make dealing with the holiday season easier.


Why people get stressed at Christmas

Christmas and the holidays can be a massively busy time. Some of the reasons people get super-stressed, tired and argumentative with family at this time include; working long hours to get things finished before the holidays, worrying about the financial cost of Christmas presents and the holidays, overdoing it with too many family, work or social events, or missing family or friends they can’t be with.


Get some space

Because Christmas can be busy, it’s worthwhile making sure you have time out just to relax and be in your own space. If things are getting a bit much then take some time to: go for a walk; ring a friend; find a quiet space to relax or put your headphones on and close your eyes.


Talk out the tension

If you find that things are getting on top of you, talk to someone you trust about how you feel. You might even talk to the person or people causing you stress to see if you can work something out together. Sometimes they might not be aware that they’re upsetting you – let them know in a non-confrontational way.


Spending Christmas away from the family

Celebrating Christmas away from the people you love can be lonely. If you’re spending it with people other than your family, plan for some fun activities, plan some special Christmas foods, line up some fun movies to watch, take a scenic walk, or play a fun game.

Helping others can also be a great way to feel the joy of Christmas. Look online for charity Christmas lunches happening nearby such as the Salvation Army or do a secret Santa nice thing for someone else.  


Dealing with a split family

If you have to divide your time between different people’s place, talk to the adults in advance about how you’re going to split your time at Christmas so it doesn’t feel like a stressor on the day.  Spending a lot of time with someone you don’t often see can also be tough. Taking some time out from them might help you to have more fun when you’re together. Maybe chill out by listening to some music, going for a walk or chatting with a friend.


Need someone to talk to?

If you’re finding it hard to cope, you might like to talk to someone who’s not so close to the situation. You can free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor.


Council to Provide Funding Support for Hospital - 7th Dec 2019

6 December, 2019

Council to Provide Funding Support for Hospital

Faced with funding challenges in an already tight funding environment and a number of equipment issues that had to be addressed urgently, the Board of Waitaki District Health Services Limited has had a series of meetings with its shareholder, the Waitaki District Council, to discuss a current funding shortfall. 

During the latest meeting on the 3rd of December, the Council expressed its faith and support in the Board, acknowledging their efforts to deal with issues that had built up over a significant period of time and had come to a head recently..  Council and the Board both agreed that there was a need to develop a plan to create a more sustainable match between the service the community wants and what can be delivered with the funding that is available.  This plan will be a natural continuation of the work the Hospital was already undertaking, the current funding crunch having increased the urgency of developing this plan and engaging with the community about the potential options and impacts.

As an outcome of the meeting Council has agreed to provide loan funding of up to $700,000 to meet the immediate infrastructure-focused needs that will help the hospital to continue to make improvements in terms of safe and effective service delivery. 

“The health sector is not short of financial challenges. We appreciate the interim support from our shareholder, the Waitaki District Council, as we explore strategies and develop a plan that will provide a finanically sustainable range of health services” WDHSL board Chair, Paul Allison said.

 “This is likely to include the identification of options to generate new revenue streams as the long-term viability and sustainability of the Company is critical.”

Council acknowledged the progress that had already been made in this area, progress that was highlighted in the recent clinical audit and in positive comments in a recent meeting with representatives of the Southern District Health Board.  Even though progress has been made, all parties acknowledged that further changes and improvements are required to make the hospital sustainable.  Council believes that providing this short term funding will create the time and capacity the Hospital needs to develop this plan and Council will work with the Board to engage with the public as to what role, if any, Council should have providing direct assistance to this critical community service.

Mayor for Waitaki, Gary Kircher said, “The funding challenges faced by the health sector are well known. This is particularly true for smaller rural centres where the challenges and costs of recruiting and retaining staff in highly competitive national and international markets is proving increasingly difficult. Sadly, there are very, very few rural hospitals which are making ends meet, and those which are, tend to be hospitals which have significant funding coming from sources other than their DHB.”

“We have also held a number of meetings with the Southern DHB to discuss the issues, and to continue pushing for more funding for Oamaru Hospital. We continue to advocate strongly for fair healthcare for the people of Waitaki, and will not cease our attempts to get that equity.” The funding from Council would be made available immediately.


Facilities Update: Media Release - 6th Dec 2019


Tuesday, 3 December 2019


“Reconfiguration of the facilities at Oamaru Hospital has focused over the last twelve months on the establishment of the dedicated resuscitation room, the creation of the Acute Care area incorporating Emergency Department and reorganisation of current internal office space” reports Ruth Kibble CEO.

“We have been working to move the concept plans for the structural changes from concept to quote; however this is not complete at this time.  Once these quotes are received a detailed business case will need to be submitted to the board of directors for their approval prior to progressing.  This business case will identify potential funding sources for this work”.

“In the interim we are working to ascertain whether we can move the Allied Health team to their new areas as minimal building work is required, but with current timing this may not occur prior to Christmas”.

Video regarding new Dunedin Hospital - 2nd Dec 2019

Please click here to see the new Dunedin Hospital forum recording


New Dunedin Hospital Public Forum - 20th Nov 2019

Monday 25th November, 5.30pm – 7.00pm

Dunedin Public Art Gallery auditorium – first floor


Statement of Intent 2019-20 now available - 3rd Oct 2019

The 2019-20 Statement of Intent is a compliance document as part of our requirements for Waitaki District Health Services Limited.  This document is updated annually and has been made available on the website.

Oamaru Hospital Launches New Website - 2nd Oct 2019

Oamaru Hospital has recently launched a new website to help improve access to information and to keep the community well informed on activities. 

This new website (https://www.waitakihealth.co.nz) has already proved effective for receiving community feedback and has assisted in the recruitment of staff.

“Members of our community have provided feedback both on aspects of their care where we could have done better, as well as positive accolades for the care received.  All feedback gets managed through our internal policies that guide how we manage complaints and bouquets” Ruth Kibble, Chief Executive of Waitaki District Health Services said. 

“People interested in working at Oamaru Hospital have also been using this site to understand more about the hospital and the services we deliver.  The website has been mentioned in recent interviews by doctors looking for permanent roles in Oamaru, some of them from overseas” Mrs Kibble said.

This website will provide up to date health advice and information. 

“We have made a commitment to ensure effective communication processes are in place” Paul Allison, Chairman of Waitaki District Health Services said.

“This website, alongside Health Forums and Media updates, will play an important role of our newly approved Communication Strategy that seeks to provide easily accessible information to our community” he said. 


For further information please contact:

Ruth Kibble, Chief Executive Officer - Ruth.Kibble@southerndhb.govt.nz

Paul Allison, Chairman – paulallison.nz@gmail.com

Annual Report 2017-18 - 1st Jun 2018

Annual Report 2017-18

The Year in Review

The 2017-18 year was significant, due to it being a period where significant change for Waitaki District Health Services Limited was seeded. During the earlier part of this year, we continued to work to implement the model of care that had been approved previously and entered discussions about how we align with the Southern DHB Primary and Community Strategy.

The changes driven by the model of care development have a strong focus on how we deliver our services, especially those within the community. This has provided the opportunity and challenge to how we need to realign our services to work within this paradigm. An example of the outputs of this work include the development of the Waitaki District Health Services Directory which is now proudly available through the Safer Waitaki webpage.

View the Waitaki District Health Services Annual Report 2017-18.

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